• Consulting

    LPA will consult with clients to determine the highest and best use of their land based upon zoning, future land use, utilities, environment, and transportation related matters. Due diligence reports and representation at formal and informal meetings with City/County staff members are provided on an as-needed basis.

  • Application Processing

    LPA will process and gain approval of development applications for conditional land uses, variance applications and other miscellaneous development approvals. Some services are provided to minimize the permit process that may have been described by a visit to Planning and Zoning offices.

  • Site Development

    LPA assists in the project design process to ensure that the application site plan is consistent with the Manatee County design criteria. Local knowledge is always important in those not familiar with the local process and/or staff. LPA has been successful is assisting “out-of-town” developers and landowners with Manatee County projects.

  • Public Hearing Services

    LPA represents clients with expert testimony on public hearing matters relative to anything from rezones and site plan approvals to street vacations. As a 20 year AICP Planner, this expert testimony is often necessary for building the public record.

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